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The pamphlets that follow address the needs of bird dog owners and trainers to provide positive, humane methods for any of the problems listed. Page lengths vary. All pamphlets are $3.95 plus shipping and handling. 
Three Ways to Teach Field Commands Without A Chokechain $3.95

Similar in technique to pamphlet #P504, this version is geared to the specific needs of bird dog owners and trainers. It shows you what’s wrong with the "old ways," why Starfire’s methods are more effective, and how to apply them.

Phasing Out the Electronic Collar $3.95

Did you or someone else use a shock collar on your dog for punishment? Do you now have a dog that will only work when the shock collar is on? This manual shows you how to evaluate the dog’s nature and its response to punishment based methods, how to deal with the collar-wise dog, how to overcome problems associated with dogs that wear bark collars, and how to phase out electronic collars step by step. (Covered in M201 - ElectrostimulationTM.)

Train Your Dog to Handle Running Birds $3.95

Does your dog have difficulty “closing the back door” on gamebirds that run rather than hold or flush? Use this technique to show him how to relocate running birds and pin them down for you.

Your Dog Becomes Gunshy, Now What? $3.95

This pamphlet covers the causes of gunshyness, the periods in a dog’s life when it is likely to occur, methods tried in the past, and the best way to cure a gunshy dog. The methods are complete, but developing the necessary audiotape is time-consuming. (See Starfire’s Gunshyness Cure System described elsewhere.)

Introducing Your Dog to Gunfire $3.95

You know you should introduce your dog to loud noises as early as possible and that you should introduce the gun gradually in the field. Yet, this knowledge, alone, may not be enough to prevent your dog from becoming gunshy. This pamphlet will take you through a fool-proof process, step-by-step. May be used in conjunction with Starfire’s Gunshyness Prevention System.

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Pamphlets - training for sporting breed dogs | Starfire
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