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Page numbers vary according to subject matter. Their value is found in your ability to benefit from the expertise used to develop these training techniques. Softbound and staple-stitched, all manuals are $10.95, plus shipping and handling.


ELECTROSTIMULATION - Using Electronic Collars in Dog Training $10.95
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If you plan to use an electronic collar anyhow, this manual will show you -- step-by-step -- how to use it humanely to polish your dog’s performance on commands. It explains the differences between punishment training and negative reinforcement (not the same as punishment) and provides examples of both. The emphasis is on how to combine negative reinforcement (escape/avoidance training) with positive reinforcement for long lasting results. For owners of transmitters with variable intensity feature.

A special section shows owners and trainers how to rehabilitate dogs that have been taken through punishment training with bad results. Another section provides detailed techniques on how to fix a wide variety of training problems in bird dogs, without punishment. You’ll be proud to let others know you are using these methods. If you plan to order Training Your Dog to Retrieve, you will also want this manual.

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The most accurate and thorough foundation available for training your dog to retrieve. Based entirely upon behavioral principles. Section One covers motivational ("play") techniques to teach commands according to dogs’"rules." Gains the dog’s interest, attention, and cooperation quickly and effectively. Shows what to do when a dog has its own ideas for how things should proceed.Section Two takes you through advanced basics of "force training" without punishment, using a dog’s natural escape/avoidance instincts. This manual discusses the humane, non-punishment use of an electronic collar as an alternative to the toe hitch or ear pinch. For a better understanding of the principles, order pamphlet #M201, When You Use Electronic Collars in Dog Training.

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This manual updates and expands greatly upon the whoa-training section of Stephen’s book, Training Your Dog for BIRDWORK. It guides you every step of the way through Starfire’s exclusive "Four D’sTM "(Duration, Distance, Distractions, and Degrees of Difficulty). This is the only publication on the market that takes you through every step needed for "no-holes" training. Both you and your dog will succeed when you follow this detailed, effective program. Starts with early yardwork and takes you through to the field. Covers every step you need to have a solid pointing dog, including how to bridge from "whoa" to birds.

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If a problem can be caused, it can be cured. All it takes is the right understanding, the right combination of techniques from the behavior sciences, and the right amount of patience from you. The methods described for each problem have proven successful even with so-called "ruined" dogs others have given up on. Also offered as individual pamphlets, the entire set is now available in one manual at a significant cost savings. Covers these problems: When Your Dog Crowds Birds, How to Eliminate Pottering, Identifying and Curing Blinkers, Teaching Your Dog to Back (Honor), Working with a Bird Grabber, When Your Dog Flags on Point, and Training Your Dog to Hunt Close.

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Now you can do most of your birdwork training with inexpensive pigeons. The methods covered even show you how to work with dogs that have shown no interest in pigeons previously. Special sections cover how to catch, raise and keep pigeons. This manual can save you its cost over and over again by showing you how to train with pigeons instead of costly gamebirds.

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