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Page lengths vary according to subject matter. Their value is found in their ability to help you benefit from the expertise used to develop these training techniques. Softbound and staple-stitched.

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Use these behavior-based techniques to have your dog doing what you want, where you want, for as long as you want, no matter what the circumstances, and regardless of what is going on. Use this manual to teach Sit, Down and Stand through Starfire’s exclusive Four D’stm (Duration, Distance, Distractions, and Degrees of Difficulty) for results like you’ve never seen before. Based entirely on humane, positive-reinforcement principles, this manual starts with early conditioning to commands through three techniques that eliminate the use of a chokechain and are therefore equally ideal for puppies, dogs with soft dispositions, or very dominant dogs. Through variable control and other techniques, you will learn to have your dog responding to your commands at performance levels and enjoying it.

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Contains detailed information on approach and avoidance behavior, dogs’ territory or "zones," and more. Removes all guesswork from what your dog’s body language is telling you. Includes a proven method for changing dogs’ dispositions from overly bold or overly timid extremes. Endorsed by an internationally known behavior researcher.

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Thorough, comprehensive and easy-to-follow guidance, this manual discusses the kinds of aggression in dogs, the causes, and the cures. Most types of aggression problems can be cured when the proper techniques are used. These methods have helped owners and trainers rehabilitate hundreds of dogs even those that were once considered beyond hope. Provided as informational background only. Professional help is recommended with aggressive dogs. To improve your success, you will also want to order the following pamphlets: P-502, P-507, and P-509.

IN THE RING $10.95
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How to Deal with Ringshyness, Ring Problems, and Handler Stress in the Show or Obedience Ring - The title says it all. There are many valid reasons for you or your dog to experience stress, anxiety and even shyness in the show or obedience ring. It is not necessarily a “fault” in your dog any more than it is in yourself. And, the best news is that it can be overcome. Simply follow the instructions.

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Use Stephen’s exclusive Rapport Skills(tm) to establish clear-cut leadership over almost any dog in ten days or less. Essential to training any dog. Stephen studied the approximately 60 behaviors that wolves and dogs have in common, isolated those which are used to establish or maintain leadership in packs, and translated them into a sequence of actions owners can carry out to take charge of their dogs. Also covers Stephen’s techniques for determining how owner behaviors affect their dogs’ dispositions. Includes an owner test.

EXTREMIST GROUPS - A New Perspective $10.95
#M306 Information manual

You would not believe what the extremist groups in the animal use and environmental movements have in mind for dog owners. Simply put, they intend to take away your rights to own and compete with dogs. They would put an end to your hobby and the multibillion-dollar contribution it makes to our society through products, services, and the like. Based upon Stephen’s two-year study of extremists’ objectives, strategies, tactics and techniques. It includes specific guidelines for techniques and counter-strategies to help you preserve your rights to own a dog.

#M307 Training manual

Would you like to start training your dog by observing his natural behaviors and then praising the ones that owners commonly use as “commands?” How about teaching through motivation or by gently guiding your dog into the responses you are seeking and then praising him for those responses? Do you want to use treats in training in a way that avoids making your dog a “chow-hound?” Or how about training your dog through “play” in a way that really works? And for tradition-alists, the chapter on the correct use of chain collars may help you avoid doing harm in training and may even convince you that you don’t need these devices. It’s all in this one manual now to save you money over the cost of individual pamphlets.

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